ASB BakingTech-SBW Events

Join us at ASB BakingTech for our two events!

ASB-SBW events are included in the ASB BakingTech 2021
registration fee. Individuals who have registered for the
ASB BakingTech will access the events via the virtual event
platform Eventfinity, which will be available to registered attendees
– deadline for ASB registration is February 10th

Opening Reception Lounge Event
Tuesday, February 16th
04:15 – 05:15pm CT

Coffee and Conversation Event
Wednesday, February 17th
09:00 – 10:00am CT

All networking lounges are open for the duration of the
Welcome Reception from 04:00 – 05:15pm CT on February 16th

No special SBW registration needed – admittance is first come first served
and will at max at the capacity of 25 people for both events