Society of Bakery Women Award Two 2016 Scholarships

Recognize Two Outstanding KSU Baking Science Students

“What makes you memorable?”  That was the question posed by Lisa Turano, Vice-President Legal of Turano Baking Company and the President of the Turano Foundation during her presentation at the 2016 Society of Bakery Women (SBW) Annual Dinner in Chicago on Saturday, February 27.

Over 60 attendees, both students and professionals enjoyed networking and dinner, before listening to Lisa speak about the importance of both developing and maintaining your own personal brand.  The interactive talk was both informative and entertaining, with everyone being encouraged to embrace their ‘superhero alter-ego’.

2016 scholarship winners

For the first year in its history, thanks to the generous SBW sponsors, the SBW was able to award two $1000 scholarships at the ATBI Breakfast during the ASB Baking Tech Conference. This year’s winners were KSU seniors Marie Feldpausch and Lisa Owsley, who both should be congratulated on their hard work and dedication towards achieving their bakery science degrees.

SBW’s 2016 sponsors are: ABMauri; Watson, Inc.; Gold Coast Ingredients, Inc.; DSM; Corbion; Kudos; Mother Murphy’s; Lallemand; Dupont/Danisco; ABA; ASB; BEMA; The Retail Bakers of America; BakerCogs, Inc. and BAKERpedia.

The purpose of SBW is to create a network for women in the baking industry  – providing opportunities to gather, share their strategies and supply resources to help advance the position of women in the baking industry. SBW members share personal and professional stories from their experiences in the baking industry and offer advice and mentoring for students entering the baking and milling industries.

SBW welcomes new members and is always seeking additional corporate sponsorship to support its activities and annual scholarship.  For additional information, please contact SBW President Lee Sanders at or SBW Secretary Michelle Briggs at Join the Society’s Linked In Community of over 5,100 members from 49 countries at